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April 2016


Studying history is like reading badly written fan fiction that puts you to sleep. 

Finite Infinities




Dear You,

Life comes with memories, with feelings.

With dreams, emotions and thoughts. With hopes and hurt and love and loss.

With dissatisfaction.

But most importantly, life comes with people. People, who shape not only the person you will one day become, but also, the way you shape others.                          One night after getting pretty stoned, a friend and I decided to go up to the 5th floor terrace of our hostel building, and stargaze. And of course, as anyone moderately high, we talked about our futures and the people we cared about. Life in general, you get the idea. When she said something that really caught my interest.

‘Everyone comes into our lives for only a finite time, but each finite relationship can last an infinity.’

Multiple infinities in a finite timeline. It all depends on what you do with your time. And this got me thinking. Maybe the love that I lost was such an infinity. Maybe we should have stayed together, maybe we couldn’t have. But every moment that I spent with her was nothing less than a life time. Every hug, every kiss, one step closer to the end, but each a piece added to the infinity that we were creating together. Our time was limited, as is the sun’s every day, but that shouldn’t have stopped us from creating enough to last us a life time. ‘Cause after all, that’s what memories are right? A picture of what used to be. So, instead of dreading the end we all know is inescapable, let’s embrace it, let’s make our own little infinities.

We spend a lot of time worrying about what will happen tomorrow. Instead, we should worry about whether we sang in the rain enough; danced with our loved ones enough, kissed enough (I know I haven’t). How about, we stop worrying and just live. Hold each other’s hand, see the world together. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, whether you will be with your significant other or not. How about we make what we have right now, last forever.

You don’t yet know how your timeline will work. You might love them, their time as a part of your existence might be over, or just maybe, after 10 years, you are to meet again, only this time, both, a little more wrinkled, a little more mature, a little more prepared for what is to happen. Your finite time together slightly extended?

The rule is to lament the exit of a dear character from the play that is our life, but how about we all be an exception and really live every moment with them, so that the end doesn’t seem as bad, and we have something to forever hold on to, as we enter the next infinity with the next in line.



How ‘NOT’ to write a book- A review of ‘Half Girlfriend’ by Chetan Bhagat

(This is a really old one that I had written for an assignment, thought everyone should know how lame the book really is.)

As with most of his books, Half Girlfriend begins with Bhagat being stalked by a man with a story, and he then decides to (surprise surprise!) turn it into his next ‘Best Seller’, and thus is told to us, the story of Madhav and Riya, a small town boy and a girl from the big city of Delhi. Blossoming in St. ‘Stevens’ (as the ‘English types’ call it), this is the story of how they fell in love.

Madhav approaches Mr. Bhagat with a set of journals, written by his lost ‘Half –Girlfriend’, hoping they would be of some use to him, as the girlfriend in question (half, I mean) was a big fan of his, and he’d spent many a time  reading his works by her side.

Curiosity finally gets the better of the author, and we then embark on a journey that is the (not so) colourful love story of Riya Somani and Madhav Jha.

Their college life was basically Madhav trying to kiss Riya, while she politely rejected his advances, referring to him as ‘Baby’  and failed attempts at conversing in English. Add terribly described basketball matches to the mix and you have yourself the first act of the book. And of course, how can I forget Madhav’s desperation, leading him to use the worst pick up line of all time, a crude “Deti hai toh deh, warna kat le”, in order to get where he wanted to with his lady love. Continue reading “How ‘NOT’ to write a book- A review of ‘Half Girlfriend’ by Chetan Bhagat”

Man’s Best Friend!

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. This is an adage I believe to be true. However, Buddy is not just my best friend. He is the most important member of our family. Mornings, at 1 Meghdoot apartments, begin with Buddy’s incessant barking and the sound of his nails scrambling against the door to get us to let him in! “It’s a new day! Let’s play!” he says. And he won’t stop, until someone throws the ball around, so he can jump up and down along with it while it bounces.

For breakfast, Buddy enjoys having the most expensive pack of digestive biscuits, dipped in sweet tea. However, in the absence of these, he will compromise and have a few cookies from ‘Sun and Sand’, or perhaps, a sausage from my plate. He then expects a thorough belly rub, and finally chooses to snooze in front of the air conditioner.

Buddy has to play for at least 28 hours every day. If his quota isn’t met, he WILL show his displeasure by chewing on our slippers. Socks are sometimes held hostage for treats. As are cushions, teddy bears and golf balls.

Proving the myth to be true, Buddy is adept at tearing apart my projects and somehow manages to almost always rip apart reports due the next day.

‘Ma’am, my dog really ate my homework.’

Of course all dogs have been gifted with a super power known as ‘Puppy Eyes’. One look at that adorable face and all sins are forgiven.

Buddy’s feeding time is an entertaining event. The entire household gathers around him while he idly stares at his bowl, as though not knowing what to do with it, and tells him what a good boy he is, until fed up, he decides to eat the ‘food for commoners’ given to him, just to make us all go away. Often, friends are invited home, just to butter his highness into eating.

Buddy is the most ‘vocal’ part of our family, and he never fails to make his presence felt, especially during conversations in the kitchen. If ignored, he will retaliate by walking around the living room with muddy paws and jumping onto my bed with the same.


Every evening, Buddy will trot over to my father’s room and sit there, with his head tilted, until he is asked the question, “who’s my good boy? Is there a better boy around? How can there be a better boy than Buddy? “, which he replies to with a haughty “ruff” and walks away, shaking his stump of a tail.


Why own a dog then? you ask me.


Get welcomed home by a dog, after a long tiring day, and you will understand.

Buddy isn’t just happy to see us back, he’s ecstatic, as though life is perfect now. He will follow us around and listen to us grumble about our days, without asking for anything in exchange. He’s just happy we are home.

My favourite part of the day is lying in bed, under my covers, with Buddy squeezed beside me.  You just feel complete.

Dogs only want to be loved. And I can guarantee you, spend a day with a dog, and you would only want to love him back.


They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, and I’m glad I have Buddy as mine.

How to Sit Home In Pajamas and Make Money -A study of how YouTubers fill their bank accounts

Every time I sit down to start an assignment, I find myself distracted by a notification, and then, two hours later, I am found watching a video of a cat. And that is when I know that I am beyond help.

Do you search for a place that will inspire you and leave you questioning your existence at the same time?

Then YouTube is the place for you.

Now, most people know YouTube as a place to find music videos, prank videos and Mallu-Porn, but here lies one of the biggest communities in the online world: YouTubers, or  people who post content on YouTube and garner followers. These people can own accounts where they post videos about Dancing, Let’s Plays, Life Style, Beauty Tips, Self Help or just being a prat, and these accounts are followed by people all over the world. These YouTubers, however ridiculous their jobs might sound, are known to have over a million subscribers, the highest currently being 43, 240,882 million people, all subscribed to a YouTuber called ‘PewDiePie’. As hilarious and pointless his name might sound (did I mention that there is a channel called ‘The Pointless Blog’), PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg is famous for playing games, recording his reactions and posting them online (all from home) and currently is worth $12,000,000.

In India, All India Backchod (or AIB) have some of the highest followers (1,541,617 people) and are known for their politically incorrect content and tongue in cheek humour. They have sponsored videos and a high viewership; all helping them rake in the moolah.

And how exactly do these people, whose job description includes talking into a camera at home in their pyjamas, earn enough to continue their lifestyle you ask?                                The answer is us. Normal people who procrastinate online all day (I’m talking about myself here) and are forced to watch advertisements before we can indulge ourselves in a Danisnotonfire marathon (sigh!).  Viewers will probably watch at least 30 seconds of an Ad. As long as they aren’t using AdBlock, this will make the YouTubers some money. YouTube tallies up the revenue they make from ads, and then splits that profit with the channel owner. However, Advertisers only Continue reading “How to Sit Home In Pajamas and Make Money -A study of how YouTubers fill their bank accounts”

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