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April 2016


Studying history is like reading badly written fan fiction that puts you to sleep. 


Finite Infinities

    Dear You, Life comes with memories, with feelings. With dreams, emotions and thoughts. With hopes and hurt and love and loss. With dissatisfaction. But most importantly, life comes with people. People, who shape not only the person you... Continue Reading →

How ‘NOT’ to write a book- A review of ‘Half Girlfriend’ by Chetan Bhagat

(This is a really old one that I had written for an assignment, thought everyone should know how lame the book really is.) As with most of his books, Half Girlfriend begins with Bhagat being stalked by a man with... Continue Reading →

Man’s Best Friend!

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. This is an adage I believe to be true. However, Buddy is not just my best friend. He is the most important member of our family. Mornings, at 1 Meghdoot apartments,... Continue Reading →

How to Sit Home In Pajamas and Make Money -A study of how YouTubers fill their bank accounts

Every time I sit down to start an assignment, I find myself distracted by a notification, and then, two hours later, I am found watching a video of a cat. And that is when I know that I am beyond... Continue Reading →

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