How do you know you’re broken?

Is it the suffocation you feel, alone in a room?

Or the feeling of nausea, of impending doom.

Is it the pain that strikes your heart?

The giving up on love, music and art.

The long nights awake, pillows drenched with tears,

Being with your thoughts- your biggest fear.

That piece of glass at the back of your drawer.

Those marks on your arm, finding solace in that scar.

A joint your best pal, a smile, your worst,

Over thinking, saying you must be cursed.

Blank wordless pages, your struggle to feel alive,

It’s a chore, every day to survive.

The 2am cries,

The “I’m okay” lies

The battle raging inside

The loss of your pride.


How do you know you’re broken?

Is it the helplessness you feel?

The heartache and despair,

An inability to heal.


How do you know you’re broken?

That you let someone get too close,

Gave them the power to hurt

To leave you morose?


How do you know you’re broken?

Can you feel the silence in the air?

Can you feel your sanity calling?

Reaching out to find you

Only, you’re not there.