It’s as though my every pore is made of you.
And I lie awake every night; stand for hours in the shower
Clawing time and again at my body, just to get your presence out of me
That clings on like the smell of your breath clung to my hair as we lay together
Entwined in the sun whose rays lazily lapped at your hair
Just like the words you throw at me lazily lap at my feet
Scorching, the very being that once wrote sonnets on your eyes
Hailing praise at the very things that today make the nerves in my back sizzle, bringing alive the feeling of surrender
Injecting my veins with ice cold water, almost as cold as the glance you drop me,
Like hail dropping through a rainbow, ruining a Sunday afternoon,
When teenagers hold hands, hiding, just like the way
You hide every ounce of kindness you once spent, and instead choose to press the blades of my disparities,
To the nape of my neck, similar to how your fingers would trace, as your poison stained lips broke
The very resolve that held my pieces together
Pieces you broke
As we lay down on a bed of my insecurities
Peppering kisses, making hate.
Still can feel your breath, tracing down from the corner, I liked when you’d kiss,
Tickling my ear, whispering little words of disgust, that burned themselves in my memory,
And play over and over again
A stuck record, making me cover my ears
Like a child in a nightmare,
Where I’m losing my self
As I fight to hang on to you.