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Man’s Best Friend!

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend. This is an adage I believe to be true. However, Buddy is not just my best friend. He is the most important member of our family. Mornings, at 1 Meghdoot apartments, begin with Buddy’s incessant barking and the sound of his nails scrambling against the door to get us to let him in! “It’s a new day! Let’s play!” he says. And he won’t stop, until someone throws the ball around, so he can jump up and down along with it while it bounces.

For breakfast, Buddy enjoys having the most expensive pack of digestive biscuits, dipped in sweet tea. However, in the absence of these, he will compromise and have a few cookies from ‘Sun and Sand’, or perhaps, a sausage from my plate. He then expects a thorough belly rub, and finally chooses to snooze in front of the air conditioner.

Buddy has to play for at least 28 hours every day. If his quota isn’t met, he WILL show his displeasure by chewing on our slippers. Socks are sometimes held hostage for treats. As are cushions, teddy bears and golf balls.

Proving the myth to be true, Buddy is adept at tearing apart my projects and somehow manages to almost always rip apart reports due the next day.

‘Ma’am, my dog really ate my homework.’

Of course all dogs have been gifted with a super power known as ‘Puppy Eyes’. One look at that adorable face and all sins are forgiven.

Buddy’s feeding time is an entertaining event. The entire household gathers around him while he idly stares at his bowl, as though not knowing what to do with it, and tells him what a good boy he is, until fed up, he decides to eat the ‘food for commoners’ given to him, just to make us all go away. Often, friends are invited home, just to butter his highness into eating.

Buddy is the most ‘vocal’ part of our family, and he never fails to make his presence felt, especially during conversations in the kitchen. If ignored, he will retaliate by walking around the living room with muddy paws and jumping onto my bed with the same.


Every evening, Buddy will trot over to my father’s room and sit there, with his head tilted, until he is asked the question, “who’s my good boy? Is there a better boy around? How can there be a better boy than Buddy? “, which he replies to with a haughty “ruff” and walks away, shaking his stump of a tail.


Why own a dog then? you ask me.


Get welcomed home by a dog, after a long tiring day, and you will understand.

Buddy isn’t just happy to see us back, he’s ecstatic, as though life is perfect now. He will follow us around and listen to us grumble about our days, without asking for anything in exchange. He’s just happy we are home.

My favourite part of the day is lying in bed, under my covers, with Buddy squeezed beside me.  You just feel complete.

Dogs only want to be loved. And I can guarantee you, spend a day with a dog, and you would only want to love him back.


They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, and I’m glad I have Buddy as mine.

How to Sit Home In Pajamas and Make Money -A study of how YouTubers fill their bank accounts

Every time I sit down to start an assignment, I find myself distracted by a notification, and then, two hours later, I am found watching a video of a cat. And that is when I know that I am beyond help.

Do you search for a place that will inspire you and leave you questioning your existence at the same time?

Then YouTube is the place for you.

Now, most people know YouTube as a place to find music videos, prank videos and Mallu-Porn, but here lies one of the biggest communities in the online world: YouTubers, or  people who post content on YouTube and garner followers. These people can own accounts where they post videos about Dancing, Let’s Plays, Life Style, Beauty Tips, Self Help or just being a prat, and these accounts are followed by people all over the world. These YouTubers, however ridiculous their jobs might sound, are known to have over a million subscribers, the highest currently being 43, 240,882 million people, all subscribed to a YouTuber called ‘PewDiePie’. As hilarious and pointless his name might sound (did I mention that there is a channel called ‘The Pointless Blog’), PewDiePie, or Felix Kjellberg is famous for playing games, recording his reactions and posting them online (all from home) and currently is worth $12,000,000.

In India, All India Backchod (or AIB) have some of the highest followers (1,541,617 people) and are known for their politically incorrect content and tongue in cheek humour. They have sponsored videos and a high viewership; all helping them rake in the moolah.

And how exactly do these people, whose job description includes talking into a camera at home in their pyjamas, earn enough to continue their lifestyle you ask?                                The answer is us. Normal people who procrastinate online all day (I’m talking about myself here) and are forced to watch advertisements before we can indulge ourselves in a Danisnotonfire marathon (sigh!).  Viewers will probably watch at least 30 seconds of an Ad. As long as they aren’t using AdBlock, this will make the YouTubers some money. YouTube tallies up the revenue they make from ads, and then splits that profit with the channel owner. However, Advertisers only Continue reading “How to Sit Home In Pajamas and Make Money -A study of how YouTubers fill their bank accounts”

A Hug :)


No one values a hug today,

But, to me it’s a precious gift,

From down in the dumps, to a snappy mood,

Anything, a hug can lift.

Many-a-types of hugs you have,

But forever my favorite remains,

A warm tight, bear like squeeze,

While laughing like we’ve got no brains!

I love the cuddly, sweet smelling kind,

Full of love and care,

The ones I can feel even when alone Continue reading “A Hug :)”

Partying Like A Naval Brat

Ever had your parents throw a party? One with loud music, booze, salty wafers and peanuts galore?

Most ‘defense brats’ will know exactly what I’m describing. Most of our parties involved a ‘pot-luck’ where biryani was generally the ideal dinner plan, and by the end of the evening, most of our dads were smashed beyond compare, while our mothers would act like the best of friends, and then go home and say “I really don’t like that woman.”

We always had that one uncle who told the same stories again and again, and that one really loud aunty, who had that annoying kid no one really liked. These parties generally involved all the kids being locked up in a room, to stay out of everyone’s way, with a constant flow of chips and coke coming in, courtesy the family’s maid, until the time one of the older kids had the brilliant idea of playing ‘dark room’ which was followed by a secret mission of transferring all the tiny tots into a different room, keeping them occupied with a cartoon, generally Naruto or Pokémon.  Once the kiddies location was secured, we’d start the horrible game of darkroom, which involved all the kids cramming themselves into spots too tiny to fit then, and silently waiting for the ‘denner’ to come get them ‘out’, all with the lights off. I was the kid who always hid in one of the cupboards, behind the hostess auntie’s towels and bedspreads.

Getting caught was considered a curse, and the poor victim could only pray for that one smart kid, who’d manage to hit the grim reaper equivalent hard in the back and say, ‘Dhappa’. This hero was then guaranteed some solid appreciation for the rest of the evening, as because of him, the ‘denner’ would have to repeat the below process.

A quick what to do when after you’re the chosen one after what seems like a dozen rounds of ‘inky-pinky-ponkies’:

  • Stand with your face towards the wall, and count to a number chosen by the other players beforehand. This number was always either 10 or 100. Never anything between them. (I’d always wish for the 10, but my sadistic friends always went “No no, count to 100.”)
  • Yell “ready or not, here I come!!!!!!!” Continue reading “Partying Like A Naval Brat”

Tyler Hilton

A Little About Todays Featured Star: Ever wondered about the eye candy featured in Taylor Swift’s music video of the song ‘Teardrops On My Guitar’? Well it was the one and only, Tyler Hilton. Hilton is no only a musician, but also works as an actor, noted for his recurring role on CW’s One Tree Hill and for his work in the Johnny Cash biopic, ‘Walk The Line’, as Elvis Presley. He recently released his album ‘Indian Summer’, in 2014. Check him out on or follow him on twitter @TylerHilton.


Shiya Says:

This bad boy has a voice that can make any girl’s heart beat faster. I first came across his music while I was obsessed with One Tree Hill.

My first ‘immediately hit replay’ song was his track, ‘I Believe In You’, my favourite line being, ‘Baby that’s all I need, someone like you, burning through me..’.  Don’t let his cockiness in OTH fool you, Tyler Hilton, with his beautiful lyrics shows that he is definitely not the likes of his character!

Another song that instantly caught my attention was the foot tapping ‘Loaded Gun’. A great beat with a pinch of naughtiness, this song has some magic in it, that will definitely leave you asking for more. This ones a great one to Continue reading “Tyler Hilton”

Kate Voegele

A Little About Todays Featured Star: Born on December 8, 1986, this Cleveland girl shot to fame when she played rock star Mia Catalano on One Tree Hill. She did this while promoting her album ‘Don’t Look Away’. She then released her second studio album,  ‘A Fine Mess ‘. Currently, she’s touring to promote her new album, ‘Wild Card’. Check her out on or follow her on twitter @katevoegele

Shiya Says:

I love music, especially music with great, meaningful lyrics. Kate Voegele’s stuff gives me exactly this. Her voice is enchanting, and one just seems to connect with her music.

Her song ‘Manhattan From The Sky’ is one work of art that touched my heart from the first time I heard it.It soon won another hear when I played it for my ex, and then, it became ‘Our Song’.

Another song I love is ‘ Forever And Almost Always’. It’s for all those hearts that get led on by the object of their affections, my favorite line being ‘..and I’ll wait patiently, I’ll wake up everyday just hoping that you still care…..’                                           This song puts into words exactly how I felt after my first heartbreak. It’s exceptional. Played on just the piano, it’s definitely one to check out.

Well I could go on and on about Kate Voegele’s songs , but there’s one particular number I’d like to mention before I sign off, and it’s called ‘Good To You’. Sung with Marianas Trench, this track just swept me off my feet the first time I happened to play it. I love this one!

Well, Kate Voegele is current,y my favorite artist, which is why I’m starting this category with something on her. She’s one you HAVE TO check out!

And Kate, if you happen to read this, I LOVE YOUR MUSIC! It changed my life, it got me through my break up. Thank you! Keep Singing!

Well, if this blog got you interested in Kate’s music, here are a few you tube links to get you started:

Good To Me (ft Kate Voegele):

Manhattan From The Sky:

99 Times:

Forever And Almost Always:


Happy Listening! 🙂

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