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Made of You

It’s as though my every pore is made of you. And I lie awake every night; stand for hours in the shower Clawing time and again at my body, just to get your presence out of me That clings on... Continue Reading →


self medi(a)cation

Beautiful and soo relatable


help |hɛlp|
verb [ with obj. ]
make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one’s services or resources

To whomsoever it may concern,

Growing up, I drew out my silver linings from off-white pages and the silver screen’s safe cocoon.

And I’m sure a part of you did too, regardless of whether or not you spent your time as a kid running around playing with friends all the time, or being holed up in their zone with a book or a movie. The degree of influence must’ve varied, obviously, if you’ve made it this far I’m sure none of the Superman movies drove you into checking for flight powers by flinging yourself off the balcony.

I, myself, have made it this far owing to the films about people wanting to fling themselves off the balcony.

There was the Breakfast Club in senior year, Silver Lining’s Playbook in…

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The Queen Bee Equivalency

Look how she struts along the path, Her posse of fans in tow, Fawning over her every move, Her every wish their command.   Look how they gather around her, The queen bee equivalent, As I look upon, from my... Continue Reading →


How do you know you’re broken? Is it the suffocation you feel, alone in a room? Or the feeling of nausea, of impending doom. Is it the pain that strikes your heart? The giving up on love, music and art.... Continue Reading →

Always Is Never Enough.

Dear You, always /ˈɔːlweɪz,-ɪz/ at all times; on all occasions. You know that moment when you realize that someone's 'always' has an expiry date? When 'forever' just isn't long enough. With the "I'll always keep in touch", the "I'll always... Continue Reading →

No Smoking.

Dear You, *Cigarette smoking is injurious to health* Duh, I'm 19. Of course I know this. Doesn't stop me from lighting one every now and then. I didn't always smoke. In fact, being someone with asthma, there was a time... Continue Reading →


Studying history is like reading badly written fan fiction that puts you to sleep. 

Finite Infinities

    Dear You, Life comes with memories, with feelings. With dreams, emotions and thoughts. With hopes and hurt and love and loss. With dissatisfaction. But most importantly, life comes with people. People, who shape not only the person you... Continue Reading →

How ‘NOT’ to write a book- A review of ‘Half Girlfriend’ by Chetan Bhagat

(This is a really old one that I had written for an assignment, thought everyone should know how lame the book really is.) As with most of his books, Half Girlfriend begins with Bhagat being stalked by a man with... Continue Reading →

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